Ambersand have partnered many companies covering an array of projects in the public and private sector to bring the power of professionally made videos to their marketing portfolio.


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How we Work

Every journey starts with a step, the first step will be one of our dedicated team visiting you to ascertain your targets and goals. This will enable us to agree, develop and execute a project plan that will fulfil all your aims. Our step by step approach results in 100% client satisfaction 100% of the time.

Video for Websites

We encourage clients to be authentic and personal whilst priding ourselves on making fresh and unique videos that will pack a big punch. Our dynamic team and their years of experience are always thinking outside the box and the results will speak for themselves.

We generally advise to keep the video short, and the less scripted the better, as customers can sometimes become jaded by typical sales pitches and marketing buzzwords. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have, lets work together to produce something unique and amazing.

Having a professionally produced video on the internet increases traffic and can stimulate enquiries and most importantly, it will reap dividends in both the short and long term. The global market is now at your disposal, your company will be seen in a brand new light.

Educational & Informative

Whether you are discussing a property, lifestyle, place of interest, school, college or an educational subject, you can use video to engage with your viewers. Not only will it keep their attention, but also stimulate enquiries.


Your company may be celebrating a historical moment, success, hosting an event or advertising. Having a video can really give the company a professional edge and make it stand out from its competitors.


We can produce training videos to successfully convey the subject whilst engaging and educating viewers. Our training videos are not dull and boring as most seem to be, they will have the viewers engaged and alert, listening to the messages and information you need them to know.

Production and Promotion

Got a new idea, team or product to promote? Don’t delay it anymore and contact us to discuss your ideas.

Interviews and Talking Heads

We can set up and film interviews and talking heads to suit the project with the appropriate lighting and audio required.

The Gym - Video for Websites
Cross Training at the Gym - Video for Websites
Video for Websites
Video for Websites
Video for Websites

Ambersand Video Productions – Video for Websites